Frequently Asked Questions

How can I start to earn?

To start earning interest, you must first create an account by providing username and email. Once you are signed up, you can choose any wallet and make a deposit. You will start receiving interest as soon as your first deposit gets confirmed.

Can I earn money without depositing?

Yes, we have an special offer for new members. We give you a free/trial wallet with a principal of 5 USD for one currency of your choice. Then, you can claim manually 1% interest every 24 hours. You may upgrade your wallet anytime by adding more principal.

How interest payment works?

Interest payments are automatically credited to the wallet's balance every 24 hours. In the case of trial/free wallets, you must claim the interest manually by clicking a button. You may withdraw your balance anytime.

How much I am going to earn?

Interest % depends on the principal of your wallet. Interest goes from 1% daily for trial/free wallets up to 5% daily for top level wallets. The principal is not returned and it is included in the interest payments. You can transfer the balance to the principal if you want to use compounding effect.

What's the minimum amount to deposit?

Minimum amount to deposit is 10 USD or the equivalent value for other currencies.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept Bitcoin, Payeer, Perfectmoney and +10 other crytocurrencies.

How long does it take for deposits to be credited?

Your wallet's principal will be updated as soon as your deposit gets confirmed.

Can I make additional deposits once one wallet is active?

Yes you can make new deposits to any wallet anytime. You can also choose to transfer your balance to the principal. In this case you receive an extra bonus of +20% in concept of reinvestment.

How long does it take for withdrawals to be sent?

Usually, you receive the funds within 12 business hours.

What's the minimum amount to withdraw?

Minimum amount for withdrawals is 5 USD or the equivalent value for other currencies.

Is there an affiliation system?

Yes, we offer a flexible referral program to our customers. Therefore, if you help us to reach more people we will reward you by giving you free commissions. Go to your Affiliate panel to get your affiliate link and share it with your friends.

We are offering 5 level affiliate commission system. you can earn 7% from the first level, 3% from the second level, 2% from the third level, 1% from the fourth and fifth levels.

Affiliate commission is paid at the time a deposit is confirmed. It applies only for new deposits, not for reinvestments.

Is there any fees?

Management and service fees are already included in our interest rates. No extra fees are charged for deposits and withdrawals.